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Bandi: Exfoliating Cream with Mandelic Acid & PHA
This moisturizing exfoliating cream with Mandelic Acid & PHA, stimulates cellular renewal. Recommended for all skin types, also sensitive. The product delicately exfoliates and removes dead cells, deeply cleansing and narrowing the pores. The cream lifts wrinkles, deeply moisturizes and increases the bio-synthesis of collagen, elastin and glycosaminoclycans. Effectively reduces skin photo-aging symptoms and skin discolorations. Makes skin smooth, soft and brighten.
Price: £20.00
Bandi: Exfoliating Cream with Pyruvic, Azelaic & Salicylic Acid
A specialist exfoliating cream which cleans the skin and narrows down the pores leading to sebaceous glands, thus significantly reducing the number of blackheads. The cream deeply nourishes and revitalizes the skin by remodeling the collagen and elastin fibres. It also has antibacterial and sebostatic properties and it reduces acne scars and discolourations
Price: £28.00
Bandi: Anti-redness Serum
Serum for skin with widened blood-vessels, to redden and rosacea. Enriched with natural Japanese pearl bud’s rutine and with active extracts from horse-chestnut, ever-green cypress, lime-tree, dyer’s rocket, bearberry and parsley. Provides care, gives firmness, moisturizes skin in its deep layers. Serum leaves skin smooth, soft and resilient, and blood-vessels visibly shallowed.
Price: £15.00
Bandi: Mandelic Foot Cream
This light and quickly absorbing cream is also incredibly rich and nourishing. It is very effective for dry and chapped feet. The formula combines the proven moisturising properties of urea and gentle but effective peeling properties of the mandelic acid. The cream helps to achieve a permanent improvement of foot condition. The addiction of tea tree oil gives the cream its mild anti-bacterial properties. The cream also contains menthol and sweet almond oil that give the sensation of refreshment and make the feet feel well rested and relaxed. After application, the feet remain smooth and moisturised for many hours.
Price: £10.00
Strong Protection Cream -Clarena
Triple active cream recommended for complex men’s skin care. Neutrazen™ * soothes inflammatory conditions, reduces red skin colour, helps to restore skin and maintains skin sensitivity threshold . Energen™ eliminates symptoms of tired skin, restores energy and vitality to skin, moistens and regenerates. Actibacterial action of silver prevents inflammatory conditions and ingrown hair.
Price: £20.00
Silver Foot Cream -Clarena
Cream with nano-silver with antibacterial and anti-fungal properties. Soothes inflammations and accelerates regeneration. The plant extracts provide excellent care for demanding skin. Particularly recommended for diabetics, psoriasis sufferers with a proneness to fungal infection.
Price: £11.00